They've arrived in the city of love. Bing and Yu, a young Chinese couple,

that seems to be the personification of outward, almost expressionless, perfection.

 Like two beautiful but empty figures, shrouded in designer clothes,

they wander lackadaisically through the city.

 But that's just the way things seem to others,for within all their superficiality and emptiness the two of them are searching for something.

And for a fleeting moment they hope to identify their love to one another.

Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Screenplay Kerstin Laudascher Producer Anna-Luise Dietzel

Director Maurice Hübner Cinematography Christina Heeck Editor Christoph Gripentrog

Production Design Laurent Pellissier Music The SuperVC Costumes Hélène Caillet Make-Up Artist Véronique Reina


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